At R.K. Nature Cure Home, patients are taken through a comprehensive method of treatment that takes every facet of body functions in mind. Treatment can also be focused on one particular organ or aspect of functioning. They include:


Massage therapy

Skilled masseurs manipulate different body parts, using a specific number of strokes through optimum pressure. This form of treatment is aimed at relieving congestion and stagnation of fluids in the body, besides improving circulation. This apart, it also relaxes muscles, improves joint mobility and invigorates fatigued nerves. Massage is known to have calming effects on the patients as well.


Mud therapy

This treatment uses the inherent advantages of minerals in mud and aims at retaining moisture within the body and is particularly effective for skin ailments. It also reduces pain and inflammation. It is known to tighten skin pores and add lustre to it. Mud therapy also helps to improve digestion.

Magneto therapy

A non-invasive therapy, this form of treatment uses the dual pores of the magnet to focus on curing pain and discomfort in specific areas of the body. This is achieved through application of the charged poles of the magnet to produce physiological changes.

Chromo therapy

Each colour in the spectrum has a specific vibration and each of these vibrations can be used to cure specific disorders. They relate to certain physical symptoms and can be used to alleviate various kinds of pain.


Hydro therapy

This method of treatment uses different remedial properties of water to treat different ailments. This is done so by altering the temperature, pressure, mode of application and other criteria to produce the desired physiological effects. It also uses water as an internal component to aid in the digestive process, to reduce acidity, eliminate waste and regulate body temperature, besides working as a skin rehydrant.


Leaf bath

This method of toxic waste elimination focuses on the pores of the skin. The patient is completely wrapped in plantain leaves and exposed to moderate sun rays. The process induces the pores of the skin to open up, causes profuse sweating and elimination of toxins.


Acupressure & Acupuncture

Based on the ancient science of Chi, or the vital force of energy, acupressure / acupuncture activates specific channels called meridians in the body in order to eliminate disease. The depletion or improper flow of Chi results in disease and acupuncture inserts fine needles along the meridians to regularise Chi.



The foot and hand are the primary reflex areas in the body and different areas in the foot and hand correspond to different organs in the body. Reflexology is the science of applying pressure and thereby activating the corresponding organs that cause pain. Relief is visible, when blood flow is regulated to these organs.


Fasting therapy

This is a purificatory regimen where the vital energy of the body is averted for elimination of toxins through a monitored process of fasting. Contrary to the approach of starvation therapy, fasting is also a means of achieving self-control and determination.

Former & Vaccum Therapy

Green former and Green vaccum, a drug free advanced technology facilitates disintegration of accumulated fats in the body.

Compressive Air therapy

Compressive air therapy is a mechanical massage applied to the lower extremities with help of air inflated stockings for drainage of stagnated blood, lymph and free fluid.

Routine therapy classes

The Agnihotra Homa is performed during sunrise and sunset everyday at RK Nature Cure Home. Early morning and evening rays from the sun abound in a variety of vitamins and minerals and the homa is performed using a variety of medicinal plants and herbs.

Yoga is taught by qualified instructors and Yoga classes are conducted every day. Specific Yoga therapies are also prescribed and taught for conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Menstrual disorders and Thyroidism.

Stretching muscles in the body is a vital part of ensuring proper circulation. At RK Nature Cure Home we facilitate through physiotherapist-supervised stretching exercise classes.

Dynamic classes for weight reduction and monitoring involve a variety of exercises and understanding of one’s own body, are conducted everyday.